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:: am sorry all ::

:: am sorry all ::
masih lagi bersawang blog ni kan..lately sume post adalah yang AUTOPUBLISH sahaja..hehehe...sebab hari tu ada masa maka aku auto publishkan sahaja n3 yang ada..bolehla rajin terupdate..but i'll try harder after this ok..THANKS FOR COMING~!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Catching Up~!!


it's been a while since my last visit on my own blog (can you believe it..???)feel really guilty bout it....yeah right...nowadays i'm doing a lot of cathching up...with my workload, my new-feel-at-office, gossip girl (my passion for all season), blogger friend, and the list continues...........

but for now just wanna talk about my passion..gossip girl of course~

it's revealed that my favourite couple for this TV show has been separated...yeah, i'm kinda hearbroken for knowing this..for this two was my very favourite since the beginning of this show..

its' was Chuck Bass and Blair Wardolf... been adoring this couple for all season..and yet they're now didn't play as a couple, i still adoring them..i've been posting something bout this two here.. dunno why, but i'm just really into them this morning... so just wanna share something interesting 'bout this too..(admit it..got nothing what to write on...)

cHucK BaSs...my all-time favourite...(and i wish to get a chance seeing him..)he was charming, he was naughty, he was everything he was... well, it's cHucK BaSs...something about C that attracted me...

Favorite Afterschool Activity: Drinking at The Palace

Favorite School Subject: French (the language of love)

Favorite Food: Foie Gras

Favorite Video Game: Assassin’s Creed

Likes: Scotch, limos, hotel suites, the Knicks, sushi, parties, jetsetting, silk pajamas, New York Philharmonic, bottle service, fedoras

Dislikes: Subway/public transportation, bubble gum, cheap wine, paper plates and plastic utensils, any borough but Manhattan

Favorite fashion accessory: his signature scarf

Motto: “I am Chuck Bass”

Crush: Blair Waldorf

and this is my beautiful Snow White of this show.. Ms. Blair Cornelia Wardolf a.k.a B...she have the looks, the attitude, the sparkles, the ---> almost everything...and the finest, she have cHucK BaSs~!!!! i'm adoring this gorgeous lady for a long time..since her first appearance in this show... just look at her..i just know why C is totally over you, B... 

can't gather much info on B..but from my opinion (as well it shows in every episode) i know that B love head-bands...she love to watch Breakfast at Tiffanny's...she's adoring Audrey Hepburn so much...and the lovely thing is.. she's really in love with C...accepting him as who he are..and that love melt my heart as well...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Scandal is great
And so are you...

more about the gossip girl just visit here (ugh..my favourtie link -- of course) 


KERAK NASI said...

season 4 dah kuar kn?

Nia_dEeyA said...


of coz la sudah..tp kt malaysia x masuk lagi..tgk on9 la..tp i plan to buy DVD for all season..maybe dis week..eheheheh

Suegar pop said...

ugh, i love gossip girl too!!!
chuck and blair broke up but they still live in New York after blair persuaded him!

love chuck and blair together, though :-(

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OuR pReCioUs~!!!

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