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:: am sorry all ::

:: am sorry all ::
masih lagi bersawang blog ni kan..lately sume post adalah yang AUTOPUBLISH sahaja..hehehe...sebab hari tu ada masa maka aku auto publishkan sahaja n3 yang ada..bolehla rajin terupdate..but i'll try harder after this ok..THANKS FOR COMING~!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

afTer aLL, we'Re FRieNd~

Updated blog :: not eMo anymore~

Just now I got call from Lucky..(mungkinke dia ada baca apa yg I tulis di sini..???Mungkin tidak..)he apologised for not telling me anything..then he started to tell me everything..sampaikan mintak advise untuk warna tema wedding dia..damn Lucky...you make me cry again…

He said that he got so less time to spend even for himself…I apologies you, Lucky..after all..you’re my friend…sangat sedih sebab Lucky macam tau apa yg I tak puas hati..dia bercerita dari A sampai Z tentang semua yang terjadi..sampai I rasa bersalah sebab salahkan dia tadi..(T_T)

Lucky..thanks for keep being as my friend…I’ll always pray for your happiness..and I’ll love you till the end of time…for Lucky’s fiancée.. you’re very lucky to have Lucky

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