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:: am sorry all ::

:: am sorry all ::
masih lagi bersawang blog ni kan..lately sume post adalah yang AUTOPUBLISH sahaja..hehehe...sebab hari tu ada masa maka aku auto publishkan sahaja n3 yang ada..bolehla rajin terupdate..but i'll try harder after this ok..THANKS FOR COMING~!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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SeasoN 2 : ePisoDe 5 : ThE SeReNa aLSo riSe :

At first, don’t know how to comment on this episode…feel so sorry for bLaiR & her other destined half – cHucK…but let’s start from the beginning..

Fashion week is around the corner, so lil J was too busy helping eLeaNoR finishing her collection and cause her to absent for 10 days from school…DaN now back to his normal life as LoNeLy boY after fighting with QueeN S…he’s looking around to get new & fresh ideas for his writing…

bLaiR was too upset as SeReNa grab her posses away from her…cHuck encourage her to get her power back, but sadly SeReNa was too HOT to defeated…B uses her power to get all her posses get a better seats at her mom’s fashion show but her catfight with the QueeN ruin everything out, as SeReNa now befriend with PopPy (a perfect socialite)..B seems so immature but yet, she’s battling entirely too many foes at once – SeReNa, lil J, cHucK, her Mother..really feel sorry for her..i can even feel how lonely she feeling that time..poor beautiful SnoW wHiTe~

as DaN has been pushed to submit his writing, he came into cHucK’s life to get new, fresh ideas… Chuck plies him with what appeared to be a tab of ecstasy and 6 shots of tequila.. DaN ends up up walking at the street shoe-less and clue-less..he then come again to dig more ‘bout cHucK bass..they end up in a jail together after daN punches a dude at his face after cHuck misunderstood his girlfriend as a prostitute (for me – she really look like she was)…

while being jailed, DaN almost know the humanist side of cHucK when he talked bout his father, his mom’s death and DaN feels like he got something to wrote about..but when cHucK finds out that Dan is using him for inspiration, Chuck says that his mom really died in a plane crash when he was 6, so who knows which is the truth (poor cHucK – I think his heart was totally break).. Chuck also leaves him to rot in jail instead of springing him as promised, so DaN have to asked for his mentor to bail him out, decided not to write bout cHarlie TrouT (bit nice when he change Bass into TrouT)..nice move~

at the Fashion Week, to undermine lil J, B told all models to go back..but lil J come with the idea that may break B’s heart more with taking all the socialite including S and PopPy as a replacement..B gives S to wear one of lil J’s dresses instead of her mom collection..eLeaNoR was so pissed off, and scolded lil J for sure that she did it on purpose..

lil J then confront B and feel sorry for her relation with S, B then saves the day and persuades her mom to forgive lil J, and the entire staff was congratulate lil J for her hard work..As that scene closes, Lil’ J’s wannabe-cool dad shows up, spoiling the fun for everyone..they got into an argument at the staircase, ends up with lil J told ruFus that she doesn’t wanna go to school anymore~
at nearly the end of scene, feel a bit heartbroken for seeing SeReNa was too rise up with that PopPy (sorry..but I kinda hate this girl for some reason)..looking the sad face of B, I know that all she want is their friendship..wait till the next episode..
till then, you know you love me..XOXO GoSsip GiRL~


Amirah Abd Hamid said...

bru smlm tgk gossip girl.

ieda ^^ said...

lau nk cpt..tgk kat youtube la..x pn kat bravotv dot com lau x slh i..
i dh tgk dh full episode ni..smpailah ending die..hehe...^.~
but still tgk gak kat tv..haha sbb dh addicted ngan gossip girl ni..=)

♥corcraze♥ said...

aduhh..bnyk missed la episode gossip girl nih kat 8tv.
lupa ari apa.haha.
dekat ovguide leh tgk tak?
tp internet mesia nih lembab ahh..you tube ada?
ee,nak tgk!!

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