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:: am sorry all ::

:: am sorry all ::
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

aM I noT go0d eNougH To bE uR FRieNd..??

aku sangat eMo arini..nape..???erm..maybe sebab sikap sesetengah orang yang mengaku KAWAN aku, tapi dia tak menghargai aku sebagai KAWAN..

okay..this is a story of a friend of mine..kan I just name him – Lucky (geez..that sound girlie)… I knew Lucky for quite a time..it’s been almost 2 years we’ve been friend..yeah..we didn’t meet at school or uni..we just met at office, starting from enemy and becoming friend..how we becoming friend..??Lucky send me an email saying that why did I get so angry with him..so do I reply that “nothing”..then he ask me if I can be his friend and I say yes..

we just talked thru email even though we often meet in the lift, at the dining, in meeting room..but we NEVER talked…just one day, he offered to send me back after work and I say I’ll look forward bout it..he left me his phone number saied that he has to go somewhere 1st and I need to let him whether I’m going back him or not..that’s how we start messaging…then we becoming closer...he befriends with my roommate..and the three of us getting more closer..we always spend time together..

after a year, Lucky asked me to go out with him..just the two of us..by that time, my roommate has going out with her bf..so I just agreed..we went for a movie (for a 1st time together), hanging out at the mall..then by the time Lucky send me back, he asked “do u have bf yet?”…so I said “yes I do”…Lucky then asked “U never told me.”…I looked at him and said “U never ask”…I thought that Lucky will hate me for not telling him bout that, but I’m totally wrong…he still the old Lucky..he always been there when I need him, he never forget to cheer me up..even when I got a bad time with my bf, he’ll always there..

we’re still close..as a bestfriend..we never keep any secrets from each other..and we promise to remain friends till death..Lucky told me that I’m lucky for having him as a friend because he’ll always stay as a great friend..and we admitted it..if Lucky got any problem, he’ll let me know..he always let me be the 1st to know anything bout him..all my friends aware of it and said that we are the best friend ever..

until 1 day..I told him that I’ll get engaged..he congrates me but he didn’t show up..its happened till my wedding..he didn’t even congrates me on my wedding..and he started hard to reach him..i asked Lucky, if there’s anything I didn’t know bout him..and he told me everything..he said that he’s getting closer to a girl and think that he loved her..I’m really glad with the news and said that I’ll always pray for his happiness..

just a few minutes ago..my roommate called…asked me if I did know that Lucky is going to get married by the end of this year…shocked, I denied…and that thing drives me drown in my eMo feeling..why didn’t he told me..at least let me know it from him..he said that he’ll be forever my friend, but why do he keep it as a secret..??it feels like me – his BESTFRIEND – didn’t seems important at all..i really feel upset now..and really sad inside..got my tears running down my cheek, and my heart feel so much pain and hurt…

Lucky…if you ever get married and didn’t want me to come..at least let me know that you are…whatever it is, you’re still my friend…even if I’m not your’s anymore..

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