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:: am sorry all ::

:: am sorry all ::
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Friday, January 8, 2010

NoT a Very goOd DaY~

hey all..

didn't get the good day feeling today..why..??every time i see the ticker up here at my blog, I'll start thinking..as for today..its only 66 days to our anniversary...and a lot of my friends has so far journey to complete their anniversary counts, and they'd be preparing for the baby...but me..??there's no sign yet...

yes..i feel sad..sometimes depressed being in this situation..i didn't know who can share me about this..most of my friend will say "patient dear..u still have plenty of time.." but they didn't really know the feeling for they already had one or two kids...

oh dear~ seems like my mood has boost down starting now...*sigh*

p/s: my apologies for this emo entry...

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Anonymous said...

ouhh..sory to hear that

wHaT Do wE LoVe...???

OuR pReCioUs~!!!

How`s my pregnancy doing?