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:: am sorry all ::

:: am sorry all ::
masih lagi bersawang blog ni kan..lately sume post adalah yang AUTOPUBLISH sahaja..hehehe...sebab hari tu ada masa maka aku auto publishkan sahaja n3 yang ada..bolehla rajin terupdate..but i'll try harder after this ok..THANKS FOR COMING~!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pRiHaTiNkaH aNda..???

hallo..after a long break..here i come again..in my lovely blog..with my loveable reader..and my love2 frens..hehehe

just wanna take few minutes of yours..

have u ever heard bout this "EaRTh HouR" ..???i've been noticing this since last month as i seen it on NTV7..and i've been remind all my family bout this - to tutup lampu on this 28thMarch, 2009...(hope they'll remember it)...

all country over the world are participating this campaign..it is basically bout the issue on global warming..i'm sure most of us are aware bout this issue, rite..??(if any of u didnt know what is this global warming supposed to mean, i suggest u to go to google and type global warming..)..our earth needs help..earth has been exposed to all types of pollution for quite a long time..and this global warming issue...??its not a new issue for us, right..??

so, what i'm concern here is...why dont we, get up as a unity to helps reduuce the global warming, at least for ourself..???if one hand is holding a big tonne rock, it will slipped..but if there're thousand of hands holding it together, at least it will last for quite a while..kan..??so here is the link for this "EaRTh HouR"..sign up for those who didnt yet sign up, and keep spread the news for all the supporters..


"kami tak kuat..dan kami tak besar..bile bekerjasama..semua jadi mudah.."

aPa YaNg PenTiNg ------> kErJaSaMa...!!!!!!

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